There are many people who identified the problem correctly and who understand that the special interest media is the real culprit, but we have not seen anyone explain what to do about this problem, and this is exactly what this web site is about: an absolute solution to the core of our problem.

Ron Paul is allowed to participate in this controlled media circus along with other political puppets, why? because it is the only way special interest media can get us into their game, they need to have truth, because other way people will turn away and no one will watch their lies. This same media destroyed Ron Paul in 2008 knowing full well that he was more popular then McCain.
When I watch Ron Paul in debates with other presidential hopefuls, his tone seems to be that of a poor kid trying to be nice and polite at rich kids party, and that is exactly what it is. But someone who represents us just being at their party is not good for us strategically, because they manipulate it in the end and claim that we legitimately lost the game because our guy participated. They can even allow Ron Paul a chance on stage (to become president) and make a fool of him there by simply having congress and senate block everything he tries to do and then blame further economical failures on him.

Government keeps flattering the military who have been shipped off overseas to protect us from terrorists, while election after election in America is won by a candidate who promises peace and no intervention (Bush 2000 / Obama 2008). So by that definition (and I am saying this having my best friend serving proud in the military) the troops are not serving the people but are being used by special interests to both, drain us financially and as a distraction while we are being raped within. I understand many will disagree, but as you claim you fought for our freedom to speak, so at least appreciate our right to do so. It takes more courage to see the enemy within, and when the government and the media dares to claim that we are 16 trillion in debt and need to pay it back by collecting our taxes and spending it for something other then putting it back into our economy, then you know the enemy within does exist and is not an illusion.

Understanding this, there should be no illusions of a solution being to just elect a good president from what we see on the media, the real solution is explained below, and with internet and your help it is just as easy to do so:
LIST OF CANDIDATES to be listed read the oath and email us

We are seeking
THE SOLUTION is to create a movement distancing ourselves from the special interest controlled media and do what is explained below:

Personally Ron Paul is my absolute favorite candidate on the media, only he is participating in their circus with other political prostitutes, therefore giving their circus legitimacy, therefore he is an idiot.

ATTENTION: we are not seeking power, political career, or donations. we are seeking to get 100 volunteers for senate 2 in each state, 435 candidates for congress one in each district, a presidential and vice presidential candidate to campaign under the banner of this movement to create a new interim government for one short term in order to pass laws that special interest controlled government would never pass, and then our oath is to be out of the politics completely and permanently. please read and serve your nation - remember, invasion of a country does not only occur militarily, your service is needed right here in America to fight special interests.

The people running with this movement for senate, congress and president make the following oath on their life to the American people:
- I will only serve one 1 year term and then never serve in government again.
- I will not take any gifts or accept any donations for my political campaign.
- I will unconditionally vote for the following laws immediately once elected:
  • Creation of national public media for political elections. managers of public media will be considered government officials and will be upheld to the same bribery law detailed below.
  • A law requiring all business oriented media outlets that want to publicize public events to air 5 second ads on radio/television or 2"x2" ads on their web sites/news papers stating "you can alternatively watch this political coverage on a non biased public media outlet such and such"
  • Law that prohibits special interest to make any contributions to public officials (politicians) or public officials accepting any gifts.
  • Vote to create an organization which shall have the power to try and execute public officials/politicians such as yourself and the 3 closest family members for accepting bribes as well as executing any lobbyists attempting to bribe any public official. the members for this organization shall be selected from the military and can not in any way be related to you.
  • Default on Debt/enslavement and print new money without interest to the bankers. Abolish unconstitutional federal reserve.
  • Provision for all phone, internet, gas, electric companies not to cut any services for 6 months immediately following the default or face swift take over by the government: (our military overseas sacrificed more for their interests)
  • Appoint Rytis Abrutis as a supreme international diplomat who's job will be to fix relations with foreign countries. Rytis will only be allowed to serve this role for 1 year and will not be allowed to hold any kind of government position after that.
  • Set up of electronic voting system for up to date accountability in all parts of the nation
  • Implement negative voting in all elections to offset any propaganda attempts for any candidate. each voter gets one for vote as well as one against vote.

Americas' WORLD POLICY WITH THE NEW GOVERNMENT: Isolationism in todays technologically advanced world is no longer possible, because people will always keep spending money where things are cheaper and try to make money where they can earn more. This is at a disadvantage to Americans and despite all the circus rhetoric spin on the media does no good for the people, therefor the world will be united by Rytis Abrutis within one year of the new government in a following manner:
1. UN monitored elections to join or not to join the United World will be held in every single country
2. If any regime refuses these elections, their political and military targets will be bombarded from the air: you should know that Gadhaffis, Saddam Husseins, Milosevics regime were fully ready for such elections, but it was not in the special interests to have a united world, but it is in our people's interest to have a united world
3. Countries in which majority of people vote to become part of United World become part of US with the same laws, same new money, and the same rights.
4. Countries in which majority of people vote to stay independent of United States will be given an obligation to ensure that their citizens will not cross the border into United World and will be required to pay a heavy price for any attempted crossing by their citizen. A failure to pay fines for multiple citizens crossing from a particular isolated country into united world will result in morally justified nuking of that particular country. it will be up to them how to deal with their people's desires for freedom.



Unlike all the other garbage movements this is not a place where donations are collected or any money is made for this movement in any way. it is the justice system at its' purest. ignoring this movement will land you with the flock of dying society, dedication to this movement will earn you a place with the elites.

If you have internet and care about this nation positions are now open for you to be an activist for the new government that is forming. it does not take money, only love for justice. this government will come to power legally through elections. it will follow constitution and restore America back, leaving the new technological advances invented by the people.

Please serve your nation! invasion of a country does not only occur militarily, your service is needed right here in America, and unlike the scams this service does not require any financial aid, only dedication, education, study this web site and pass on the information to the people you know - this is the least you can do for your country. if you feel like doing more, please do not be discouraged by the world of politics and consider becoming a candidate for either senate, congress or even a president with us:

-Requirements to be a part of legitimate government are as follows - You are not eligible to be a part in a legitimate government if:
- You ever held any government position in the past
- Are a lawyer
- Your property is in a gated community
- You have dual citizenship
- You have a criminal record
If you pass all the above requirements and want to serve your nation as a new government official be warned of our strict policy regarding political prostitution for which not only you, but also your closest family members may be executed.

America needs a legitimate government
A legitimate government can be described as the one that follows the constitution and does not put its' people in debt. all independent polling shows that between 88-93% of Americans do not believe American government represents American people before special interests. 73% of population said they voted not because they liked the candidate but because they wanted to vote for the lesser of two evils since they saw that the race is very tight between the two sides according to the media. polls conducted where negative voting was allowed all showed the candidates that were considered the most favorite by the mass media all without exception ended up negative in the polls.

How will this government not get corrupted like everything else
A strict polity will be implemented immediately upon electing the new government (our 100 senators, 300+ congressmen, president) into office: funding or accepting any political contributions or gifts by elected officials will be punishable by death. a new organization will be created with the power to try and execute the elected officials for treason or accepting bribes. this organization will not have any political power and will not be allowed to have any contact or relations with elected officials. they will be sending under cover agents posing as special interest lobbyists attempting to bribe them or shower them with gifts. if an elected official accepts any gifts and is convicted, he and his 3 closest family members will be executed. likewise if an elected official proves that special interest lobbyist has attempted to bribe him, that lobbyist and his 3 closest family members will be tried and executed. When a prostitute sells her body, she sells something that she owns, when a politician sells out his people, he sells out the children, the elderly.

A new way to elect officials - The transitional government will change the way federal government officials get elected, since money will no longer play a role in political campaigns.
There will be a one term limit of four years for senators, congressmen and president.
National democratic network will be set up where any candidates will be allowed to speak and campaign for free.
Negative voting will be implemented in all elections to offset any propaganda attempts for any candidate.

People are not guilty as it is led to believe - "People are guilty because they elect idiots" - WRONG! - people select from the choices presented on the media, which exclusively publicize hypocrites who are loyal to elites rather then society, ignoring any candidates who really aim to serve people's interest. people are not guilty for not voting for candidates they know have no chance to win and the elites exploit that knowing they can unite people to vote for unpopular candidates. several videos included here demonstrate that beyond any doubt. if the so called popular candidates on the media would in fact be the ones representing the people's views, then they would not have to consistently break their campaign promises about taxes, nation building and so on.

"People keep spending themselves into debt" - WRONG! - people never voted for candidates promising wars, bailing out banks or auto industry, borrowing money at an interest etc. and if they were brainwashed to believe the lies they were told, they were deceived by the elites who control the media and not by themselves - and if those elites have stolen the past because of people's ignorance, they can keep that past, but if they want to claim that we are still in debt and our children are in debt, then my fellow Americans it is time we pick up our weapons and aim them at those who indirectly claim that we are slaves - a nation in debt is an enslaved nation, and there can be no decent jobs or decent life in an enslaved nation, only promises and hope.
However you are guilty if you ignore this web site and not tell your friends and family about it.

Understanding our enemy - Elites fear a leader, because a leader has power and can do what he promised to the people. elites like to place their own dictators in power in smaller nations to use as an example of how terrible a leader can be, and when those dictators start doing too much for their own people they become dangerous to the elites. you can search how many "US friendly dictators" there were in the past. the scariest thing for elites would be for a leader to be elected in a powerful nation such as America, it would globally threaten their rule. there is no violence needed to threaten or hurt the elites, they are threatened by a mere success of the society, because in a healthy society where people earn a decent living, they can not exploit the people due to their health, their ignorance, their inability to pay bills and the need to borrow from banks and other types of enslavement. a healthy nation is also a danger to elites because it can eventually become an example to other nations.
Movements and politicians have been constantly hijacked by the elites and derailed from what they once promised. usually with money backed advisers. A leader does not need any complications or advisers, he can simply go on doing what he promised during the campaign without any obstacles eliminating them if necessary. a puppet on the other hand is forced to be a hypocrite.

Elites control the opposition by leading it: they will be the ones speaking out against the corruption on the media, left against right, right against left, but if an outsider speaks out against their two party circus, that person is either ignored or politically destroyed: Elites like to associate themselves with freedom: if you speak out against the system they control, they remind you that there are other systems, but they don't tell you that it is their puppets who control those systems as well.

Like any dictator, elites have many servants and volunteers backing them. these people have a lot of free time to spend on message boards, creating all kinds of movements, they go and talk on television, participate in the left/right circus criticizing one or the other part of the same government. they appear to represent the nation but they do not. they do this while majority of the nation is preoccupied making a living. while majority of nation feel the way we do, these parasites are fighting a demoralizing war against a vast majority of people wanting change. their tactics are very clever and if you pay close attention, this web site, the plan is what distinguishes us from all this political filth. they are already trying to mimic our ideas, to hijack this movement, only they can not do it because the core of of this movement goes right against them. and you, the average reader should see it and point it out to others.

Elites have a lot of filth working hard acting as activists for change and speaking out against corruption. they complain about government yet they offer no solution, when drawn into a corner begin accusing you of being unpatriotic, calling you names. they have the skill and the ability due to being accepted by their media to create an illusion as though they represent the views of majority, but they do not. do not waste time with this scum - if a vast majority of Americans would be on their side, then a president would not be elected who promises such a change and just because he later deceives people, does not make the elites right.

Elites are masters of illusions: they attach themselves to all great inventions, freedom, even aliens. by spreading theories that the aliens landed and they are trying to keep it secret they create an illusion of themselves being invincible and untouchable. they did not invent internet or computers, nor did they invent freedoms, yet when you speak out against corruption and human rights abuses that takes place right under their watch, their people will shower you with insults of being anti American.

Paying tax to our government vs. paying tax to them
We all understand that paying taxes to our own community or government is what funds our roads, schools and other essentials in a normal society. what we have to understand is how easily a hijacked government can use these funds to drain economy like a spider would drain a fly of its blood: an invasion of a country does not only occur militarily, it can be done with propaganda even more effectively because there will usually be less resistance. propaganda can be likened to poison while military to power.

Our debt. America is a free nation, we owe no one anything. those who believe we do are either criminally ignorant or plain traitor propagandists. our government that collects our taxes now is paying the interest on the money they borrowed. we must fight the traitors, and any foreigners who think we owe them something. Money makers can easily move from country to country with the stolen assets/money. our default would hurt them a lot. that is why they try to scare us into not defaulting on the debt they created on the media they control

Eternal life and domination
If you believe eternal life is a fantasy, it is only because you are not part of the elites. it is not in their interest to see humanity free from disease: as people age they become smart, and smart people figure things out. smart people do not make good servants because they seek independence. while technology is replacing a lot of human labor, it will never be completely replaced, and there will always be the need for servants. How many times have you heard on the news that a cure for cancer was discovered and then that news fades away and is forgotten. when elites control our world they control what discoveries we can or can not enjoy. and why should the ignorant masses enjoy eternal life or have freedom any more then an ignorant pig? how are these masses different? they each think that they are smarter then most yet they do nothing to achieve common justice but only worry about their own life, and therefor they are not in any way different then an average pig to the elites, to the god or to the rest of humanity. but if you can be open minded enough, brave enough to join together with this movement that seems like not going anywhere, you shall be rewarded.

One world order - not in the interest of elites. and they are not connected to aliens.
They spread the gossip about area 51 to make themselves appear invincible and demoralize humanity. they in fact fear wars just like anyone else. and they do not seek a world order, that is another lie, because a world order would be good for society since in a one world order there could be no monetary manipulation. a closer look will reveal that on the contrary, the elites have consistently attempted to divide and destroy nations. they end up with slave labor, society ends up with immigrants willing to work for less. there are no aliens on the side of elites, they are in fact cowering in their mansions with nowhere to hide. one of the contributors for this movement is in fact one of the top elites himself and he knows many of them first hand. most of them do not deserve what they have and this movement intends to give the world back to the decent people with the vision. the elites themselves are being watched by several of us and any attempt by them to harm the people associated with this movement would result in their execution.